Russian activist, husband found dead in trunk

SHALAZHI, Russia - The bullet-riddled bodies of a Chechen activist and her husband were found in the trunk of their car Tuesday, the latest in a string of high-profile killings in Chechnya under its Kremlin-backed leader.

Zarema Sadulayeva and her husband, Alik Dzhabrailov, both 33, had been abducted on Monday from the offices of Save the Generation, the children's charity she runs in the southern Russian republic.

Her relatives, who gathered in her home village of Shalazhi for her burial on Tuesday, said the men who took the couple away identified themselves as police.

Ex-Nazi officer guilty in WWII massacre

MUNICH - Gino Massetti was only 15 when Nazi troops rounded him up with 10 other Italian civilians and forced them into a barn in Tuscany before blowing it up - a massacre carried out in revenge after partisans killed two soldiers.

Though Massetti, the lone survivor, couldn't identify who ordered the slaughter, former Wehrmacht Lt. Josef Scheungraber was convicted Tuesday of murder based on circumstantial evidence that put him at the scene as the ranking officer. He was sentenced to life in prison.

US, NATO deaths from bombs spike

KABUL - U.S. and NATO deaths from roadside and suicide bomb blasts in Afghanistan soared six-fold in July compared with the same month last year, as militants detonated the highest number of bombs of the eight-year war, figures released Tuesday showed.

Three U.S. Marines and a Polish soldier died in the latest attacks, setting August on course to surpass the record 75 deaths U.S. and NATO troops suffered from all causes in July.

Iraq: Bombs kill 8 in Shiite area in Baghdad

BAGHDAD - Several bombs exploded nearly simultaneously Tuesday in a mainly Shiite area in Baghdad, killing at least eight people and raising fears of a sustained insurgent campaign aimed at provoking sectarian tensions.

The five-day death toll rose to 123 in the worst spasm of bombings the country has suffered since U.S. forces left the cities at the end of June, turning over security to Iraqi troops.