Man, wife charged with selling marijuana

WINDER - A husband and wife are behind bars after allegedly trying to sell a pound of marijuana to undercover narcotics officers.

Police said they arrested Aaron and Holly Smith, of Cumming, about 11 a.m. when the couple brought about $1,600 worth of marijuana to an undisclosed location within the city limits.

They are charged with distributing marijuana and distributing marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school.

Police also seized the 1996 Saturn SL1 the couple was driving.

Officials praised officers and said the bust went down as smoothly as possible.

"It was a buy/bust operation, so the offenders were immediately apprehended by patrol units when the signal was given by the undercover officer that they did in fact have the marijuana," Detective Rachel Love said.

Lieutenant Frank Farr, Narcotics Unit commander, agreed.

"The timely response of the patrol division allowed for a safe and quick apprehension of these subjects," he said.

The couple is being held at the Barrow County Jail, Love said, where they are scheduled to have a bond hearing today.