Letters: Huckaby 'rant' shows lack of knowledge on health care issue

Darrell Huckaby's column ("No need to act fast on a deal we don't want," Aug. 1, Page 6A) was both strange and inaccurate. After his lengthy ramble about time-share properties and used car salesmen, he finally arrived at his subject: President Barack Obama's health care reforms.

Huckaby repeatedly referred to a particular Congressional bill he found online as the president's bill, and disdainfully attempted to critique it.

Which bill was he referring to? There is not one health care bill that is the "Obama Plan." In fact, there are several bills being crafted in the House and Senate. There are important core principals that the president has insisted upon in any final bill that survives reconciliation in both the House and the Senate.

We have an ongoing great debate and discussion in the Congress about how best to enact Obama's core health care reform principals. Despite points of disagreement, however, the one thing upon which most in Congress and the country at large agree is that reform is much needed.

Perhaps better informed columns than Mr. Huckaby's odd rant might be helpful in the ongoing national dialogue.