Federal grant to pay for two new Winder cops

WINDER - According to Winder chief of police Stanley Rodgers, his department has been awarded $332,868 by the Federal government. Rodgers will use that money to hire two new cops.

"This is the best grant I've ever seen," said Rodgers, who said he is still waiting for $80,000 in funds awarded two months ago from another federal grant.

The $332,000-plus stimulus money will be used for salaries and health and dental benefits for the two new officers.

The Winder police department also won the prestigious Motorola/Dr. Curtis McClung Award of Excellence for 2009, in recognition of the achievements of "Cop Talk," a television show produced entirely by Winder's WTV21.

"Cop Talk" was created just last year by Capt. Dennis Dorsey of the Winder Police Department and by Maj. Todd Druse of the Barrow County Sheriff's Office. The show is hosted by the two officers and spotlights all aspects of public safety in and around the county.

"We're thrilled and honored to receive this award," Dorsey said.

Improvements on target

According to Winder's Planning Director Barry Edgars, Linwood and Mimosa Streets will be widened from 19 feet to 22 feet, and 5-foot sidewalks will be added on at least one side of each street. The improvements are being made in an effort to improve safety on the two city streets.