Police: Progress made in thefts

LAWRENCEVILLE - Gwinnett police appear to be making progress in a string of 90 residential and commercial burglaries in July. Among those arrested are two juveniles suspected in at least 15 Snellville-area break-ins.

Burglary ranks among the most prevalent victim crime in each of Gwinnett's five police precincts. Year-to-year comparisons through October 2008 show total residential burglaries had spiked by 7.56 percent (3,042), while commercial burglaries slid 5.7 percent (1,402), according to statistics released last year.

Police credited the dip in commercial burglaries to strengthened patrols in high-volume business districts.

As of Friday, detectives assigned to Gwinnett police's burglary unit had brought warrants against 24 suspects believed to be behind July's burglary spike.

The numbers could be misleading, explained department spokesman Cpl. David Schiralli, because "in most cases, these suspects are responsible for more than one burglary."

Police have caught several additional suspects red-handed during "burglary in progress" calls, Schiralli said.

Notable arrests include:

· Two juvenile boys who police arrested breaking into a home on July 1. Investigators believe the duo was behind eight additional burglaries;

· Acting on a tip, police found two boys in possession of stolen property July 15. Evidence shows they could be involved in more than 15 burglaries around Snellville, Schiralli said.

· Police reportedly found Lawrenceville resident Roley Faubion, 26, on July 20 in possession of goods lifted from several homes. He's charged with eight counts of burglary.

Some of the suspects would still be loose if not for alert residents reporting suspicious goings-on in their neighborhoods, Gwinnett assistant Chief Joy Parish said.

"The positive relationship between the police department and its citizens can reduce crime and create a safe community," Parish said.