Police say man filmed up skirts

LOGANVILLE - Police say a Loganville man was caught filming up the skirt of a female shopper Sunday at a Home Depot - and that it doesn't appear to be the first time he's done so.

Police have charged Joseph Davidson, 35, with felony eavesdropping for allegedly recording the lewd footage via a palm-size, home video camera concealed in a flower pot.

Authorities say Davidson's alleged antics came to an abrupt end Sunday afternoon at a Home Depot on U.S. Highway 78 in Loganville.

Davidson reportedly positioned the upturned camera in a flowerpot at the end of flat cart used to haul merchandise. He then rolled the camera under the skirt of a female in the lawn-and-garden section, which caught the attention of her fiance, Loganville police Chief Michael McHugh said.

Davidson "took off running" through the store, into the parking lot and about 500 yards down the street to a local restaurant with the woman's fiance at his heels, McHugh said.

The winded suspect finally stopped running at the restaurant, where his pursuer brought him to the ground and subdued him until police arrived, McHugh said. Davidson was arrested without further incident, and no injuries were reported.

Police secured the camera and reviewed the footage.

"We did view footage on a couple of other victims that we have reason to believe are outside Loganville," filmed while shopping at other retailers in Gwinnett, McHugh said.

Police don't believe the video was intended for any other purposes than personal viewing.

"I don't think he made any indication as to what he planned to do with (the footage)," McHugh said. "I guess anybody can use their imagination."

Davidson posted $5,700 and was released from the Gwinnett County Jail. He declined comment when reached by phone Tuesday.