Letter: Time for Obama to stop apologies

It's hard to watch the Braves getting beat up on the baseball field, but that's just sports. What's really hard to watch is a U.S. president bowing to Arabs, being tongue-lashed by a murderous dictator and mocked by none other than Hugo Chavez

Jimmy Carter tried the same "kiss-up, be my friend" diplomacy with our enemies and it didn't work. Obviously, President Barack Obama wasn't paying attention.

His change in foreign policy so far has been one from strength to weakness and from national pride to pathetic apology. He hugs our enemies, cuts defense spending, deletes the word terrorist from his vocabulary and reduces the CIA to an impotent bureaucratic office that can't do its job for fear of prosecution. Meanwhile, North Korea tests nuclear weapons while Iran is an eyelash away from having one.

I can respect a president with whom I disagree on domestic issues; I find it hard to respect one who disrespects our country on foreign soil in an attempt to be liked.

You were elected president of the United States, Mr. Obama. Stand up for her and stop running for president of the world.

- Deryl Duncan