Brookwood student charged with felony after graffiti incident

SNELLVILLE - A Brookwood High School student is in trouble with the law after police allegedly found her tagging the walls of a school bathroom with gang graffiti Monday morning.

Esmeralda Estell Trevino, 19, faces the felony charge of interfering with government property and disruption of public schools, a misdemeanor, in the incident.

According to reports, a school resource officer was called to a girls' bathroom where he found "gang writing." Stalls had been vandalized with the words "Homestead" and "Houston, Texas," drawn in black marker.

After receiving an e-mail from a teacher saying that there was a Hispanic female at Brookwood from Homestead, Texas, administrators called Trevino in, reports said.

School officials reportedly found Trevino to be in possession of a marker similar to the one used in the vandalism. Police said the 10th-grader also had ink on her hands and was wearing a Houston, Texas, T-shirt.

The most damning evidence, perhaps, were drawings found in Trevino's locker that reportedly matched those on the bathroom walls.

Trevino denied any knowledge of the drawings, reports said.

Police added the disruption charge when Trevino continued to scream at an assistant principal after being warned to calm down, they said.

Jail records show Trevino was taken to the Gwinnett County Jail where she later posted a $4,800 bond.