Snoop Dogg takes stand in civil trial

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Snoop Dogg said he didn't hit a man with his microphone during a 2005 concert melee.

The rapper, whose real name is Calvin Broadus, took the stand Monday afternoon in a civil trial. He is being sued by Richard Monroe Jr., who claims he was seriously hurt by Broadus and his security guards after he came onstage during a show near Seattle.

Broadus told jurors he didn't hit Monroe with a brass knuckle microphone.

He said Monroe had only himself to blame for his injuries and shouldn't have come onstage.

Monroe sued the "Gin and Juice" rapper in 2006, seeking millions.

Director: Liam Neeson shows professionalism

NEW YORK - The director of an upcoming Liam Neeson movie said Monday that Neeson showed remarkable professionalism in returning to work so soon after the death of wife Natasha Richardson.

Atom Egoyan praised Neeson for returning to the Toronto set of "Chloe" the week after Richardson's death. Neeson came back for a couple days' work to complete his scenes for the thriller directed by Egoyan.

"He was very committed to the film and finishing his role, and he didn't need to come back that soon," Egoyan said in an interview for his new drama "Adoration."

Ohio city gives away tickets for free Leno show

WILMINGTON, Ohio - Residents rocked by thousands of layoffs at the local airport or otherwise struggling to survive in the shaky economy are hoping that laughter is the best medicine.

More than 2,000 people picked up tickets Monday to next month's free comedy show by Jay Leno, who is bringing his act to southwest Ohio as a morale booster.

Leno will hold his Comedy Stimulus show May 10.