Corps of Engineers continues moratorium on Lanier docks

LAWRENCEVILLE - The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said Friday that the moratorium on acceptance of new Shoreline Use Permit/License requests for boat docks would continue due to low levels at Lake Lanier.

"The moratorium was put into place in August 2007 due to low lake levels as provided for in the low water action plan," said Corps' spokesman E. Patrick Robbins. "While the lake level has risen significantly recently and it appears might temporarily reach the 1,064 level which would normally trigger the acceptance of applications, we have decided to extend the moratorium."

A full Lake Lanier is when the level is measured at 1,071 feet. It's level Thursday was recorded at 1,063.56.

The move comes one day after the Corps denied metro Atlanta's request to raise the lake level by minimizing water releases.

The low water action plan established 1,064 as the cutoff elevation due to the need to properly ascertain where a proposed boat dock would actually sit on the lake in relation to existing docks and the shoreline.

The Corps said it would make an announcement well in advance when the moratorium will be lifted.