Judge: Ouster was political decision

LAWRENCEVILLE - Juvenile Court Judge Phyllis Miller said Friday the determination from a panel of judges to oust her was a political decision.

Miller, who will leave the bench when her term expires July 7, said the Superior Court judges who made the decision against reappointing her Thursday were not the same group who named her to the position four years ago.

While Chief Superior Court Judge Dawson Jackson has not commented on the decision, Miller said the vote was not unanimous. She met with the judges last week for lunch to discuss reappointment, and said she received an outpouring of support from the community, including child advocates and school officials.

"I can't comment on why it happened," she said. "I respect most of our Superior Court judges tremendously."

Miller, who resigned from the General Assembly to take the position, said her name may appear on ballots again, although she did not specify if it would be for a judicial position or for the legislative branch.

"I am most proud that my efforts have resulted in positive change in the process and in many lives," the Snellville woman said, adding that she would return to private practice. "I intend to take the knowledge and information that I have obtained during my tenure in Gwinnett Juvenile Court and put it to good use in the future."

Gwinnett's 10 Superior Court judges are elected to office, and are tasked with appointing the division's three Juvenile Court judges. The judges are expected to consider applications to fill the vacancy.