Spotlight on DVD: Sin City Recut Extended Unrated 2-disc Blu-ray (NR)

Sin City Recut Extended Unrated 2-disc Blu-ray (NR)

Movie: 4 stars

Discs: 4 stars

Exceeding even the pristine DVD upgrade, the Blu-ray transfer of Robert Rodriguez's landmark crime noir "Sin City" sets a new high-bar for home video. Sporting both the original R-rated theatrical and unrated video version, the set also includes two new Blu-ray-only exclusives. The visuals are crisp with deep blacks and the audio meticulously balanced. All of this would mean little if not for Frank Miller's engrossing story of hope, despair and dark humor. It is a classic by any definition of the word.

Technical specifications: aspect ratio: Widescreen (1080p/1.85:1), audio: English (5.1 DTS-HD), Spanish (5.1 Dolby Digital), subtitles: English SDH and Spanish.

Special features include:

· Cine-Explore and interactive comic book Blu-ray exclusives

· Optional audience reaction audio track

· Teaser and theatrical trailer

· Filmmaker commentaries

· 11 behind-the-scenes featurettes

(Dimension, $35.99)