Letters: Countries using consumption tax better off than US

Regarding Leon Logan's letter to the editor ("Linder's basis for FairTax not based on facts," April 19, Page 13A), I hope he was trying to be deliberately misleading. Otherwise, he knows absolutely nothing about the FairTax.

The FairTax doesn't remove any taxes. It replaces them with a consumption tax. His sweeping statement that "All other countries have a higher tax rate than we do." is completely ridiculous. Rep. John Linder notes that since 1992 Europe's corporate tax rate has fallen by a third. The U.S. now ranks second behind Japan for the highest corporate tax rate. Whose economy is in better shape?

Today, more than 130 nations use a consumption-based tax system and enjoy the benefits of improved economic conditions along with the the creation of new jobs. In 2007, the Treasury Department discussed lowering our corporate tax rates to attract new jobs.

It would take you an afternoon to read the FairTax book. How long would it take you to read the 67,000 page tax code? Face facts, Mr. Logan. We're falling behind countries who have lowered their tax rates and adopted consumption-based and extremely simplified tax systems.