Linder's basis for FairTax not based on facts

In John Linder's column ("Fate of the FairTax lies squarely in your hands," April 15, Page 6A), he elaborates on how well-informed the students are on taxes. He and other conservatives depend upon the general public to be uninformed in order to further their goals.

The FairTax idea is to remove all taxes on wealth. He said "taxes" forced Chrysler out of this country. That is a big fairy tale. All other countries have a higher tax than we do. Our tax rate may be higher, but no one pays it.

Germany has a higher tax on their car manufacturers, yet BMW still operates there. BMW also has a plant in Greenville, S.C., and pays all those God awful taxes. It has been said that paying taxes is a part of the responsibility of living in a civilized society.

We have free market health care. It is the most expensive in the world and we rate about 25th. The largest burden on our car companies is health care. No foreign car manufacturer has that expense. I am sure John Linder just overlooked that little fact.

Social Security is not a failure. All foreign countries consider it an ideal plan. Bush wanted to abolish it because it worked and conservatives do not want any successful plan because it will lead to others. Don't you wish your Social Security was in the stock market like the 401(k)s?

Linder referred to Ronald Reagan as all conservatives do. Two presidents were responsible for the largest part of our deficit that the conservatives are wringing their hands over. Guess who? Reagan and George W. Bush. Look it up.

The last ridiculous irresponsible remark in his cloumn was "global warming hype."Anyone who calls that hype is either too uninformed about the world's most critical problem we have ever faced or is unconcerned. In either case, that disqualifies them for a responsible position.