Approved books won't be bought immediately

SUWANEE - The Gwinnett County Board of Education has adopted nearly $24.5 million of instructional materials for mathematics, science, health and physical education and high school reading intervention courses.

The school system, however, won't immediately purchase any of the materials, a spokesman said.

The district's proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1, includes $4 million to purchase textbooks needed for growth or replacement, spokesman Jorge Quintana said. Nine new schools are opening in August.

The textbooks and instructional materials adopted during Thursday's school board meeting will be purchased if the budget is adjusted due to cost-saving measures, Quintana said.

When the money becomes available, instructional materials for the new 10th grade integrated math course will be purchased first, Quintana said. A new curriculum will be used next year because the state is continuing to roll out its new Georgia Performance Standards.

The other materials will be purchased in order of priority, Quintana said.

Other items the board approved include textbooks and instructional materials for 12th grade calculus, K-12 science, K-12 health and physical education and high school reading intervention.