Letters: Businesses seem to be behind Linder's FairTax

Rep. John Linder's recent op-ed ("Fate of the FairTax lies squarely in your hands," April 15, Page 6A) said his FairTax scheme is really popular with kids. He had better pin his hopes on children, because his bill has been completely discredited by adults. You know, the people who actually have to pay the taxes.

While Linder is waving around a tax plan that will never ever pass and people are losing their jobs, he enjoys an annual salary of $174,000 and uses $900,000 per year of our money for his staff. He enjoys health care benefits and very nice guaranteed-for-life federal pension benefits. Over the past five years, various groups have sponsored his trips to China, Turkey, Europe, Palm Beach and other nice places.

Business groups (political action committees) gave him over $200,000, or 97 percent of his PAC money during 2007-08. The FairTax plan eliminates all taxes on businesses. Coincidence?