Grisly crime scene unveiled

LAWRENCEVILLE - Prosecutors led jurors on a video tour of the lavish home Tedla Lemma shared with his brother Thursday, winding through its three finished levels, two kitchens, home gym and many bedrooms, coming ultimately to the foot of a wooden bed, where the bloody victim lay.

Lemma's family members sobbed or left the courtroom when the video showed the disabled 51-year-old hog-tied with a television cord, face-down on the floor, a flat-screen still on in the corner. The fatal element was a folded, square piece of material bound tightly to his head with a gold necktie.

Tightly enough that Lemma couldn't breathe.

Irene Thomson, a Gwinnett crime scene specialist, testified that for all the evidence in the ransacked home, investigators were able to lift only one definable fingerprint from the scene. She didn't run the comparative analysis and couldn't say to whom it belonged.

Her testimony came in the trial of Quincy Marcel Jackson, 29, of Riverdale, the first of four suspects police believe played a role in Lemma's March 25 killing last year.

Jackson faces 17 counts, including felony murder, burglary and kidnapping, stemming from three home-invasion robberies in the months prior to Lemma's death. He watched the third day of testimony attentively Thursday, wearing silver-rimmed glasses, his neck tattoos peeking over a midnight blue blazer.

The robbing spree began Nov. 7, 2007, when Jackson and others allegedly attacked the Lemma brothers at home and stole $54,000 they had saved over eight years. It ended when the crew left Lemma for dead and inadvertently killed him, authorities said.

Prosecutors say Lemma's wallet, Social Security card and other possessions were found in Jackson's home. His defense argues prosecutors lack direct evidence linking him to the crime scenes.

The crew's alleged mastermind, Lorna Araya, is expected to testify as early as today. Prosecutors say she knew the victims, set up the robberies and later implicated her three co-defendants while in custody.