Post Office extends hours for tax day
'Tea party' protests planned for today

LAWRENCEVILLE - For many people, today will be a day of stress. For others, it's a day to protest.

Yes, it's April 15, and your income taxes are due.

But while some people will be frantically filling out forms and waiting in line at the mail, May Smith is planning one of many "tea parties" across the nation, planned at noon at Suwanee's Town Center Park.

"We want to make a statement of why should we go to work when other people are spending our money wastefully," said Smith, a mortgage broker.

"I was horrified at the prospect we might have an economic collapse," the Suwanee woman said. But she said she was more aghast when she researched the government's bailout programs. "There were so many things that were so gross and so wasteful."

People are often hopeless that their voices will be heard, but Smith said she wanted to bring attention to the debt being built that her grandchildren will have to shoulder.

"I think tax day is a good day for people to think about it," she said.

Meanwhile, for the people who have waited until the last minute to file their income tax forms, the U.S. Post Office has extended hours to allow people to get the April 15 post mark.

"The tax filing deadline is one of the single busiest days of the year at the Post Office," says Atlanta District Manager Kate F. Willey. "By extending hours, we hope we can make this day a little less stressful for our customers."

The Boggs Road Postal Store in Duluth is one of six locations in metro Atlanta to stay open late. The facility will be open from 9 a.m. until midnight.