Letter to the editor: County should fix plan, not point fingers

J.K. Murphy is absolutely correct when he applauds GC&B efforts over the first 28 years. The group's advisory board and volunteers are certainly dedicated, well-intentioned and involved citizens. He is also correct in establishing the three main problems and inefficiencies associated with our current solid waste disposal system. Unfortunately the column deteriorates significantly when attempting to position GC&B as the martyr in the Great Gwinnett Garbage Grope.

While hindsight is always more accurate than foresight, it is ludicrous to absolve anyone involved from blame for our current state of affairs. If the objective is to establish blame, then the consultants, attorneys, the existing haulers, the new haulers, the BOC, the county administration, the public that didn't show up, the public that did and yes even GC&B share some responsibility in getting the county into this current mess. As the leader of the failed plan, GC&B is a convenient target. However real leadership is not what you see when accepting the many well-deserved awards GC&B has earned over its 30 years. Real leadership surfaces in crisis and attempting to abdicate responsibility might be a good strategy for the ongoing legal battles but it certainly isn't productive in dealing with the realities of solid waste.

So now might be a good time to stop the finger pointing and image rehabilitation effort. Now is a good time for all the parties involved to demonstrate real leadership in solving the challenge of a new solid waste plan for Gwinnett.

- Patrick Malone