Letter to the editor: Illegal aliens filling up jails, taking our jobs

I tire of the bleeding heart rhetoric bemoaning our displeasure of the burden illegal aliens have placed upon American citizens, both naturalized and native-born citizens.

Dean Poirier appears to blind himself to the fact that illegal aliens are filling up our jails, and in some California jails more than half of the inmates are illegal aliens. He also skims over the fact that the illegals have overburdened our welfare system, our hospitals and other medical facilities. And they've increased our need for more police and prison facilities and virtually bankrupted some of the school systems in Georgia.

The illegals have been a source of cheap labor, but the enormous tax burden which they have created far outweighs the benefits Poirier brings to our attention. Also, he glossed over the jobs lost by Americans in the construction industry, landscaping, painting, roofing business in addition to the restaurant and fast-food industry.

Poirier's attempt to put a guilt trip on us by mentioning "breaking up families" is one of those liberal efforts to shift the blame from the people who created the problem to the American public, which has been victimized. I think Mr. Poirier needs to look at the whole picture and not just the human tragedies which the illegal aliens have created.

- R. D. Harris