Can Collins Hill grad Maya do Moore?

It's easy to forget this about Maya Moore.

She's so mature beyond her years, so talented on the basketball court and so accomplished, it's hard to believe she's only 19 years old.

Another chapter was added to the Collins Hill grad's constantly growing legend Tuesday night when her Connecticut Huskies won the NCAA title with another dominating victory. The 39-0 team won every game this season by double figures, building up one of the most impressive seasons in college basketball history.

UConn had the nation's best point guard, senior Renee Montgomery, and the nation's top post, junior Tina Charles. But its best player was a sophomore from Gwinnett, the consensus national player of the year.

She led the Huskies in scoring (19.3), rebounding (8.9) and steals (76) this season and ranked second in assists (127). And she's just a sophomore.

Only two seasons into college, Moore has answered all of the questions I heard back when she was a prep phenom. Even as she became the greatest prep player in Georgia history, a few fans who didn't see her frequently wondered if she would be a college superstar or just a good, solid player.

Their argument was that Moore got so many of her high school points around the basket, where she simply took advantage of being a much better athlete than her foes. How would she fare, they asked, when the college athletes were more at her level?

They also nitpicked other parts of Moore's game. Her outside shot wasn't good enough. She couldn't handle it well enough. She would be a good college player, but not necessarily a superstar.

I don't think we'll hear those comments any more.

Moore's athletic ability is astonishing, even at the college level. There isn't a more elite athlete in college basketball, one who moves so effortlessly and skies so high that she seems much taller than 6-foot.

She also handles the ball just fine, proving she can play any position on the floor. As for the shooting, she took 226 shots from 3-point range this season and made 39.8 percent.

That kind of percentage doesn't come from sheer athletic ability. It comes from hours and hours of hard work. As good as Moore is, she only builds on it with a ridiculous work ethic.

Oh yeah, she's also a good student, well-spoken and liked by everyone. Plus she can sing, belting out the national anthem at a Huskies game earlier this season (check it out on YouTube).

That's a good resume to go with three high school state championships, a prep national title and two Naismith national prep player of the year awards. Now just a college sophomore, she has an NCAA title and multiple player of the year awards.

It's crazy to think she's got two college seasons, a WNBA career, the Olympics and a possible broadcasting career ahead of her.

Remember, she's only 19.

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