Winder cops to apply for grants

WINDER - Police chief Stanley Rodgers got the go-ahead from city council members Tuesday to apply for three federal grants for his department. According to city administrator Bob Beck, the funds will be used to beef up police communications equipment and for security cameras in several areas in the city. Another proposed use for the funds would be the purchase of a mobile security camera. The mobile camera could be used strategically in higher crime areas and to assist in surveillance if a crime is suspected to happen in a certain place.

"This is stimulus money coming from the Justice Department and Homeland Security," said Beck, who was not certain of the grant amounts Tuesday. Unlike many other state and federal grants, these for which Rodgers is applying require no matching funds from the city.

Habitat for Humanity to build in Winder

Habitat for Humanity was granted a rezoning request and several variance requests Tuesday to build a 1320-square-foot home at 61 N. Williamson St. The variances were required because the lot size and width are smaller than the city typically requires. The square footage is also slightly less than the city's required 1400-square-foot minimum, and the house will have no garage, as Habitat for Humanity does not provide funds for garages.