Illegals hold the blame if families are broken up

The recent letter from Dean Poirier ("Immigrants are scapegoats for larger problems," April 2, Page 6A) opposing even the meager enforcement of our immigration laws was offensive to me as a citizen. Poirier seems to think that we all owe illegal aliens the right to abuse our medical, educational and social welfare systems, all because a few greedy American employers lust to profit.

I am confused when Poirier throws around the accusations that all we care about is cheap labor when the vast majority of Americans polled want illegal immigration stopped. Most of us who are knowledgeable are well aware that this labor certainly is not "cheap" because we know the true costs are simply passed on by the illegal aliens and their unscrupulous employers to the rest of us. Perhaps a few citizens believe the way Poirier claims, but for him to cast his wide net of accusation is false and deceitful.

As a former immigration inspector, I am offended by Poirier's false statement of "So go ahead and round'em up, break up families and turn a cold shoulder to whom you owe so much." How arrogant. And how false.

These people chose to put their families at risk by breaking multiple laws in being here, and families are not purposely nor routinely "broken up." And I am not "grateful" nor "hypocritical" nor "greedy" as Poirier proclaims.

Like most Americans, I simply want the laws of my nation obeyed and for the drain on our infrastructure stopped. Frankly, I do not feel I owe illegal aliens anything but a one-way ticket home where they can address with their own government any disagreements about their own particular financial situation.