Letter: World according to plumbers

Most would agree that "Joe the Plumber" became a factor in the last presidential election. Now that local government has deemed it necessary to raise our water rates, Joe might come in handy to fix leaky pipes that could raise our bills even higher.

Since plumbing and politics seem to go hand in hand these days, I wonder what it would be like if some of our favorite politicians had chosen plumbing over politics: No doubt a "Barney the Plumber" would reassure us that our leaky toilet is just fine like he did with Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac.

"Harry the Plumber" would tell us that it's beyond repair and all is lost like he did on Iraq. "Nancy the Plumber" would confiscate the toilet paper in the name of global warming. And "Barack the Plumber" would hire a helper who didn't pay taxes and then charge us a rate so high our grandchildren would have to pay it off.

Of course all would throw a monkey wrench in the middle of the problem and blame "George, the Retired Plumber" for causing it in the first place.

- Deryl Duncan