Party lands teen in hospital, adults in jail

WINDER - A rowdy party in Barrow County last weekend - replete with underage drinking, illegal drugs and even a makeshift tattoo parlor - is blamed for landing one teen in the hospital and the party's proprietors in jail, police said.

Trouble came to light in the wee hours of Saturday morning when someone dumped a sickly 18-year-old girl at Barrow Regional Medical Center and vanished.

Hospital officials called the Barrow County Sheriff's Office, and deputies determined the teenager suffered from alcohol poisoning after she had attended a party in Bethlehem the previous evening.

"Interviews with other teenagers confirmed the location of the party, and the fact that numerous teenagers - mostly local high school students - had been at the party," said Sheriff's Office spokesman Investigator Matt Guthas.

Deputies arrested Bethlehem residents Horace Hutchinson, 36, and his wife, Stacey, 28, at their Harvey Lokey Road home, where the party had occurred, Guthas said.

In the home, authorities found numerous liquor bottles and a small amount of suspected methamphetamine. They also seized multiple tattoo guns, needles, equipment and more than 40 bottles of tattoo ink after a teen said Horace Hutchinson had tattooed two juveniles at the party.

Investigators determined that the underage revelers had been drinking large amounts of alcohol furnished by the couple, Guthas said.

The Hutchinsons face 22 charges, including drug possession, maintaining a disorderly house, contributing to the delinquency of minors and furnishing alcohol to persons under age 21. Horace Hutchinson also faces charges of tattooing persons under age 18.

Tattooing anyone under 18 is illegal in Georgia, except when done by a licensed physician or technician for cosmetic or medical purposes.

Investigators continue to interview witnesses, most of whom are juveniles, Guthas said.

The hospitalized teenager's condition stabilized, and she was released from hospital care, Guthas said.