City seeks nods for Swan-ee Awards

SUWANEE - Suwanee is seeking nominations for new construction or renovation projects that elicit "wow" reactions for its annual Swan-ee Awards program, which recognizes people who have achieved excellence in creating aesthetically attractive facilities.

Recognized projects may include, but are not necessarily limited to, new construction, renovated buildings, landscaping, sustainable/long-term developments, "clean-up" projects and public art. Projects must be within the City of Suwanee limits and preferably completed within the last year. Because the awards program is relatively new, older projects may be eligible as well. The awards will be presented in December to individuals, businesses and organizations who have created architectural "swans."

Last year's winners include:

The gold-leaf, dimensional sign created for Pierce's Corner - Bob Bretschneider

571 Main St., renovated historic home - Jimmy and Caron Burnette

Renovation of the historic Oakley Building at 677 Main St. - Andrei Mastrogiovanni and Earl Mitchell

Renovation of Suwanee Plaza at 3680 Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road - Sidney Mozayyani.

Nomination forms are available online at www.suwanee.com. The deadline for submitting nomination forms is Oct. 17. For more information, call Toni Shrewsbury at 770-945-8996 or e-mail tshrewsbury@suwanee.com.