Randall Bramblett Band to close out Moonlight series

LAWRENCEVILLE - Singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Randall Bramblett and his band will close out the 2008 Moonlight and Music Concert Series tonight in downtown Lawrenceville.

Bramblett, a native of Jesup who now lives in Athens, grew up imitating soul groups like the Temptations and musicians like Otis Redding, playing professionally in junior high through college at the University of North Carolina, where he studied religion and psychology and planned to attend seminary.

"I went to college thinking I would be a scientist, then I discovered psychology and then I discovered the study of religion, " Bramblett said. "I never dreamed I would be a professional musician really."

Bramblett said in his last year of college so much was happening musically, people were starting to write their own material, and it inspired him to try songwriting.

"I decided that I would just try to be a songwriter and try to play music and see where that led," he said.

Seven solo albums later, Bramblett's latest, "Now It's Tomorrow," is available in stores and online and will be sold at tonight's event, along with past CDs and band merchandise.

Bramblett's band, which includes drummer/producer/engineer Gerry Hansen of Lawrenceville, has been together for about four-and-a-half years.

"This is the band I've always been looking for," Bramblett said, so those who attend tonight's concert can expect an excellent show.

"It's about the most rocking band you'll see with really cool material, interesting material, lots of different styles of material that come together," Bramblett said.

The performance is set to begin at 8 p.m. and the public is invited to bring picnic dinners to enjoy on the historic courthouse lawn.

"It's just a beautiful setting and it's going to be a great night weather-wise and a great place to bring the family," Bramblett said. "Come on down and enjoy Lawrenceville and the music."

· What: Moonlight and Music Concert Series featuring the Randall Bramblett Band

· When: 8 p.m. tonight

· Where: Gwinnett Historic Courthouse lawn, 185 Crogan St., Lawrenceville

· Cost: Free

· For more information: www.visitlawrenceville.com