Shakira plans to expand poverty foundation

NEW YORK - Shakira, a longtime activist for Latin American's poor children, plans to make her Colombian children's foundation a global one in the future.

Shakira said Barefoot, known as Pies Descalzos in her native Colombia, will start focusing on children worldwide later this year.

'We have a model that works. Under less than $2 a day, we can provide a kid with top quality education and the nutrition that they need to be able to function and be able to learn because a kid with an empty stomach cannot learn,' said the singer, a multiplatinum superstar known for hits like 'Hips Don't Lie.'

'So this model that has been so successful in my country, now I want to bring it to other countries in my small way.'

Philbin loses 'Best Regis' to baby grandson

NEW YORK - Regis Philbin has lost the 'Best Regis' award yet again. And this time, it's personal: The winner is Philbin's infant grandson, William Xavier.

The 7-month-old bested Philbin for the honor at the announcement Thursday of the sixth annual Relly Awards - Philbin's version of the Emmys.

'He is cute, but does he REALLY deserve the Relly?' spouted the 77-year-old talk-show host, a loser for the fifth straight year, on 'Live With Regis and Kelly.'

David Blaine unhappy with latest stunt

NEW YORK - Magician-daredevil David Blaine says he's unhappy with how he ended his latest stunt: hanging upside-down without a net high over Central Park for 60 hours.

The 35-year-old endurance artist, who completed the stunt Wednesday night, expressed his disappointment in an appearance Thursday morning on 'Live With Regis and Kelly.'

Blaine said his grand finale of diving from a platform 44 feet to the ground while attached to a harness didn't go according to plan.

Instead, he dangled awkwardly for a moment before disappearing in an ascent into the night sky.