Pakistanis say they shot down military drone

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Pakistani soldiers and tribesman shot down a suspected U.S. military drone close to the Afghan border Tuesday night, three intelligence officials said.

If verified, it apparently would be the first time a pilotless aircraft was brought down over Pakistan and likely would add to tensions between Washington and Islamabad over recent American cross-border incursions into the country's lawless tribal regions.

Gates: More troops may go to Afghanistan

WASHINGTON - Up to three more combat brigades could be available to go to Afghanistan beginning next spring, in answer to repeated calls from commanders for more troops, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday.

Gates told the Senate Armed Services Committee that more forces can't be committed now without extending combat tours or changing troop deployments. But, in response to prodding from the committee's chairman, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., Gates said they probably could go in the spring and summer of 2009. Each brigade has about 3,500 troops.

US soldiers accidentally kill Sunni leader

BAGHDAD - American soldiers accidentally shot and killed the leader of a local U.S.-allied Sunni group Tuesday after coming under attack in a volatile area north of Baghdad, the military said.

The shooting comes a week before the Shiite-led Iraqi government begins to assume authority over the Sunni groups known as the Sons of Iraq, or Awakening Councils.

Sudan: Tourists and kidnappers in Sahara desert

ABU SIMBEL, Egypt - Sudan on Tuesday said it knows the location of 11 Europeans tourists and their kidnappers on its territory, but has no immediate plans for a rescue operation.

Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman Ali Youssef said in Khartoum that negotiations are under way for the release of the tourists and their eight Egyptian guides, who were kidnapped while on a Sahara desert safari in a remote corner of Egypt. Germany is conducting the negotiations, according to Egyptian officials.