Natalie Cole hospitalized due to hepatitis C

NEW YORK - Natalie Cole, who recently revealed she had hepatitis C, has been hospitalized as a result of side effects from her medication and a heavy promotional schedule, her representative said Friday.

The Grammy-winning singer has been in a New York City hospital since Sept. 12, and is expected to remain there for at least a few days, according to publicist Maureen O'Connor of the firm Rogers & Cowan.

Cole announced in July that she was suffering from hepatitis C, a liver disease. She said at the time that the disease was likely caused by her drug use years ago.

Woman revises lawsuit over Ledger tape

LOS ANGELES - A magazine freelancer suing two photographers and a paparazzi agency over a video that purportedly shows Heath Ledger doing drugs has amended her lawsuit to downplay her role as a reporter.

The revisions come less than a month after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge frequently cited her profession in dismissing most of the woman's claims.

The revised suit is seeking unspecified damages, destruction of the video and the profits of the tape's sale. The new complaint alleges fraud, intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence and six other claims; the original lawsuit featured 12 claims, 11 of which were dismissed.

Arthur Kent settles suit over movie

TORONTO - The NBC reporter who became known as the Scud Stud during the first Gulf War has settled a lawsuit against the makers of 'Charlie Wilson's War' over footage used in the Tom Hanks-Julia Roberts movie.

Arthur Kent, whose live reports on Iraq's Scud missile attacks on Saudia Arabia made him a celebrity, claimed in a lawsuit filed last April that Universal Studios and other violated his intellectual property rights by using without his consent segments of a 1986 news program he made about the Soviet Union's war in Afghanistan.

- From wire reports