Plans taking shape for Berkeley Lake

BERKELEY LAKE - An emergency handbook for Berkeley Lake officials and citizens is close to being finalized. The process has taken a little over a year to complete, and mayor Lois Salter and city council members are eager to put a framework in place to facilitate emergency plans. While city leaders initially planned to have city clerk and administrator Tom Rozier begin laying the groundwork for emergency preparedness, they decided Thursday night that Rozier has too many other responsibilities.

Councilwoman Debbie Guthrie suggested that the city hire an outside person, perhaps on a temporary basis, to begin executing an emergency preparedness framework within the city. Guthrie stressed that the city has paid for production of the handbook, and it would be a shame to have the book but no action plan should an emergency arise.

Berkeley Lake's emergency plans must work in conjunction with Gwinnett County's, and training and purchasing are two other responsibilities involved in rolling out the city's emergency plans.

Council members decided Thursday that the next step should be a handbook review by the Berkeley Lake Emergency Management Authority. Salter suggested that Rozier review the handbook and estimate the number of man hours required for the plan.

Construction manager hired for new city hall

Council members voted Thursday to approve the hiring of W.H. Bass Company to manage the construction of the new city hall building. This company was one of three finalists being considered for the job.

Architectural Design Committee Chairperson Barbara Carroll reported that the company was the lowest bidder by about $240,000.