To the editor: Liberal reaction to Palin ironic considering Obama's record

George Morin's recent diatribe about John McCain's "comedic" selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate has a few logic errors commonly associated with liberal pundits.

First, Obama is running for president while Palin is running for vice president. So who has to be the most ready from the get-go?

Second, Palin's two years as the governor of an oil-rich state in which she not only defeated an incumbent Republican governor but subsequently has had to make frequent decisions regarding a host of administrative matters - policy, fiscal, oil matters - make a mockery of Obama's three-plus years in the U.S. Senate, which is totally devoid of meaningful accomplishment; half of his tenure has been spent running for president.

Morin's reference to McCain as being either a fool or a liar in regard to his selection of Palin is completely over the top and is indicative of his despair over the Palin-induced surge in the presidential polls. Palin has an 80 percent favorable rating as Alaska's governor. Obama is the most liberal senator in Congress and that astute Democratic-led body has a 20 percent approval rating.