Milloy report released
Police: Falcon failed three sobriety tests

LAWRENCEVILLE - Prior to his DUI arrest, Atlanta Falcons safety Lawyer Milloy failed three sobriety tests when police pulled him over on his way home from a strip club early Monday, according to a police report released Tuesday.

An officer clocked Milloy, 34, driving his black 2006 Range Rover more than 20 miles per hour over the speed limit - 77 in a 55 mph zone - at 3:21 a.m. on northbound Interstate 85, the report said.

The officer noticed Milloy had "bloodshot eyes and ... a strong odor of alcoholic beverage" on his breath, the report says.

Milloy, whose address is listed in Buford, initially told police he had consumed one shot and a beer at a strip club, but he later confessed to having two shots, the report said.

Police measured Milloy's blood-alcohol content at .14 grams on a breathalyzer. The legal threshold in Georgia is .08 grams. It was one of three sobriety tests he failed at the scene, the report said.

After initially refusing the field tests, Milloy failed an evaluation to measure the accuracy of his eye movements, and another test where he was asked to stand on one leg, the report said.

"The driver started the (standing) evaluation three times before I told him to start," an officer wrote.

Milloy later refused a second breath test, the report said.

The posted speed limit in the area near Steve Reynolds Boulevard where Milloy was allegedly clocked is always 55 mph, unlike nearby stretches where the limit is upped to 70 mph, said Cpl. Illana Spellman, Gwinnett police spokeswoman. The speed limit was lowered two years ago to accommodate for the Ga. Highway 316/I-85 overhaul project.

Milloy, a four-time Pro Bowl selection, has led the Falcons' secondary in tackles the last two seasons. His team had suffered a 24-9 road loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers less than 12 hours prior to his arrest.

Milloy posted $1,641 bond and was released from the Gwinnett County Jail roughly five hours after his book-in. Records show he was visited in jail by his wife, Claudine Milloy.

Falcons head coach Mike Smith said the matter will be handled internally.