To the editor: Obama supporters don't need fooling from GOP

When I read letters from Obama supporters claiming they were somehow fooled into voting Republican in past elections, I find that hard to believe. The old "fool me once, fool me twice" comment that tongue-tied George Bush in a speech doesn't fool me when it comes to liberals claiming they ever voted Republican. I'm not fool enough to believe that.

In my humble opinion, there are five main issues that determine the best candidate, and it doesn't matter what their party, race, gender or religious persuasion is.

· Who will best protect us with a strong defense and enforce our borders?

· Who is against higher taxes?

· Who realizes that a national healthcare system won't work?

· Who has the most experience in foreign affairs?

· Who best demonstrates character and patriotism?

If your answer is Obama, then I'm afraid you're just fooling yourself and don't need further assistance from shifty Republicans.