To the editor: Democrats make some very scary propositions

The Democratic Party scares me to no end. Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, Reid and the whole Democratic Party frighten me when they wail "tax the excessive profits" of the oil industry.

Their idiotic demands should frighten all Americans who have investments or draw pensions, or hope to, from any industry or retirement fund. Change the drilling incentives if they desire, but their attack on the oil industry is simply a mindless political attack. Most Americans are ignorant of the fact that the profit margin of, for example ExxonMobil, is actually similar to that of Kroger or Kohl's, but with much greater risks.

Oil-producing countries like Iran, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia make the real profit, and to blame Exxon-Mobil is really mindless. Funny that these Democrat socialists never mentioned past oil industry losses. Those aforementioned Democratic politicians, in order to hide own their fault in causing oil and energy shortages, make these asinine accusations in order to hide their own proven record of stalling oil exploration in our country and their opposition to nuclear power development.

If we have a shortage of oil or nuclear power development, then it is mostly the Democratic party that has for decades halted oil exploration and construction of nuclear facilities.

Most frightening is that Democrats have declared that they will decide what "excess profits" are. If they decide that ExxonMobil is making excess profits, just where will they stop?

Will Obama, Biden, Pelosi and Reid decide that Wal-Mart made excessive profits and should be penalized? Will the profits from Kohl's, Wachovia, Microsoft or any number of successful companies be confiscated because the Democratic Party has decided that they are too profitable? Will the Obama regime tax any industry it wants too?

Think about what the Obama regime has promised. Are you Democrats really paying attention?