Pollack a peferct fit for broadcasting

Be prepared for another wave of Davey Pollack mania.

It's coming in a storm of unbridled energy, the same kind that made him a relentless force on the football field for Shiloh and Georgia. He won't be wearing a helmet this time, but you can bet the 26-year-old will be in the public eye plenty in the coming years.

There's no way Pollack will fail in his new endeavors, radio for 790-AM The Zone and TV broadcasting for CBS, because the gigs suit him perfectly. His NFL career didn't pan out - a broken neck ended the former first-round pick's playing days - but his fallback plan is a pretty good one, particularly for him.

He's always had a gift for gab. As good as he was on the football field, he may be an even better talker. Give the guy a microphone, and he's bound to succeed. Ask anyone who has ever played with him, and you'll find that the speed of Pollack's mouth matches the fleetness he used to get around opposing offensive tackles.

When he speaks, he also does so with enthusiasm. And he isn't shy about putting forth his opinion. Those two traits made him a popular interview target for the media covering UGA football, even before he became a three-time All-American. From the start, he was at ease talking to the media and seemed to enjoy it, experience that should serve him well as he switches to the other side of things.

Pollack also has shown an interest in the media as far back as high school. He e-mailed my co-worker, Todd Cline, with updates and photos from his recruiting trips and took time to question my criticism of the Shiloh offense after a 2000 victory over North when the Generals scored 49 points (in my defense, Shiloh had gone scoreless for 10 straight quarters prior to that game).

Now he's going to see life a little more from my perspective. He's going to be the one with opinions on sports topics, as well as the one getting heat from callers and e-mailers when they vehemently disagree.

But that should be fun, too, debating the issues with the public on all sports - and he is known to watch just about any sport on TV. Football will no doubt be his specialty, but I'm sure he can hold his own in most discussions.

The mania is coming and be sure of this, Pollack will be ready.

Will Hammock can be reached via e-mail at will.hammock@gwinnettdailypost.com. His column appears on Thursdays.