Explosion kills 2 in Chicago

FRANKFORT, Ill. - Authorities in northern Illinois say an explosion has destroyed a house and the bodies of the elderly couple who occupied the home have been found in the wreckage.

The mayor of the Chicago suburb of Frankfort said he knows of no other injuries from the Saturday morning blast.

Officials said at least seven other homes in the neighborhood were damaged or destroyed.

Crash with suspect kills police officer

PHILADELPHIA - An allegedly intoxicated teen motorist smashed into a police car during a chase and one of the two officers in the cruiser was killed, authorities said Saturday.

The second officer was hospitalized in stable condition.

The officers had joined the pursuit of an SUV whose driver ran a red light and then failed to stop for police late Friday, officials said. The SUV struck the passenger side of their police car.

Police said the driver of the SUV, described as a 16-year-old who did not have a driver's license, tried to run but was soon captured. He was treated at a hospital for minor injuries and taken into custody for questioning. No charges had been filed as of noon Saturday, police said.

Authorities identified the slain officer as Isabel Nazario, an 18-year veteran whose sister and fiance also are on the police force.

Police: Bomb scare on NJ train was hoax

NORTH BERGEN, N.J. - Authorities in New Jersey said a bomb scare involving a package on a freight train appears to have been a hoax.

Police in the town of North Bergen said dozens of officers searched through more than 1,000 packages taken from the freight train and finally found one package with an electronic device - but no bomb.

Police Chief Bill Gavin said the search was sparked by a tip from CSX Transportation that a package on the train from Florida contained a pipe bomb.

CSX said it stopped the train in North Bergen on Friday and uncoupled four cars there to be searched.

The police chief said the woman who shipped the package is in custody in Florida and federal authorities are investigating.