Letter to the editor: Boy Scout troop's view on school

Editor's note: The following letter was submitted by Boy Scout Troop 563 in their pursuit of the communications merit badge.

There are a number of things that Boy Scout troop 563 thinks would make Gwinnett County Public Schools better.

One of the things would be shorter days. This would make school better by allowing more free time to spend with family. This would also relieve stress on students and teachers.

Another thing that would make school better is having more sports teams. This would help by allowing students to get more active in sports. It would also help to reduce obesity and allow more college scholarships.

The last thing that would make school better is if students were able to choose electives. This would allow students to develop talents and strengthen areas of interest in those classes. And the students would also be able to choose classes they enjoy.

- Boy Scout Troop 563

Ryan Clark, Spencer Carter, Nathan Corbin, Jake Kartchner