Divorce papers reveal Hogan's net worth claim

CLEARWATER, Fla. - Hulk Hogan and his estranged wife are wrangling over how much money the celebrity wrestler is worth.

According to financial affidavits filed in divorce court near Tampa, Florida, Hogan claims his net worth is $32 million; his wife claims it's $26.7 million.

Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, reports that he's spending $38,000 a month on legal fees. Linda Bollea reports spending $7,000 on clothing, $7,500 on maid service and about $1,700 on jewelry each month.

The couple's quarreling over money comes as their son, Nick, is serving an eight-month jail sentence for causing a traffic crash that left a passenger permanently disabled.

Seinfeld ad draws boos

NEW YORK - No soup for Microsoft?

The software giant's new ad starring Jerry Seinfeld has drawn largely negative reviews online after premiering Thursday night during NBC's broadcast of the National Football League's season kickoff game.

The ad was the start of a highly anticipated $300 million advertising campaign that Microsoft is launching in attempt to rebuff Apple's popular TV commercials, which have portrayed Microsoft and PCs as uncool.

In the commercial - which can be found at Microsoft.com and on video sharing sites - Seinfeld is walking through a mall when he spots Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates at a 'Shoe Circus' store. The comedian then helps Gates pick out a new pair of shoes while the jokes come quick: showering with clothes on, Gates being a '10,' platinum credit cards for a fictional shoe store.

It's a zany ad that packs a lot of quirkiness into 90 seconds. With no direct mention of Microsoft or its operating system, Vista, the commercial concludes with the slogan: 'The future, delicious.'

The ad was created by Crispin Porter & Bogusky - a firm with a reputation for oddness. Many blogs have turned to Seinfeld's trademark - 'nothing' - to describe the ad.