Clayton County school board runs into trouble again

ATLANTA - A Clayton County school board member violated at least six policies when he hastily called a Friday afternoon meeting, the board's attorney said.

Attorney Julie Lewis said board member Michael King did not follow proper procedure when he called the meeting without going through the school district's administrative office. King violated policies ranging from ethics and civility requirements to board-superintendent relations, according to a news release from the school district.

'If he is in violation of charter and regulations of the school system, he should be sanctioned,' county commission Chairman Eldrin Bell said. 'This is what we're trying to avoid for the sake of our entire county. He's getting off on the wrong foot immediately.'

King said he believes he met legal requirements when he placed an advertisement in the Clayton News Daily announcing the meeting and posted the agenda for the meeting. He said the entire board agreed to meet and he was not acting alone.

'It is my understanding that we had that authority to schedule the meeting under Georgia law,' King said.