Mediation scheduled for Dacula annexation

DACULA - An arbitration meeting has been scheduled for 10 a.m. Sept. 29 and 30, to address Gwinnett County's objection to a proposed annexation into Dacula city limits.

The property to be annexed - about 55 acres on Stanley Road in the county - will complete a 35-acre tract already located within the city. Mayor Jimmy Wilbanks' mother owns the property in question.

According to city attorney Dennis Still, Dacula officials simply want to annex the 55 acres to even out city boundaries. The tract in fact looks like a missing puzzle piece from an overhead view the city's layout.

Still said Thursday that he has made attempts to find out exactly what the county wants with regard to the property, but with no luck. According to guidelines established for annexations in dispute with Gwinnett County, three panels of experts are given the opportunity to settle the dispute before the matter escalates into Superior Court.

Dacula officials have asked to annex the land and zone it as the lowest density possible - R-1200.

Street improvements not complete

The road improvements on Broad Street are not yet complete, according to city administrator Jim Osborn.

The city has an agreement with the state to permanently stripe the road after the surface is topped. A completion date is still unknown, said Osborn, since the contractor's schedule will determine the finish date.

Osborn said the McMillan Road improvements should be complete in 2-3 weeks.

Homeowner denied waiver allowing truck

Lori Courson, who lives at 2453 Robin Ridge Drive in Dacula, petitioned Wilbanks and the council for a waiver allowing her to park a 24-foot box truck in her driveway. Courson's neighborhood zoning does not allow the parking of a commercial vehicle in the driveway or on the street.

According to Courson, she lost a contract with a moving company and has no other place to park her truck.

In Thursday's council meeting, councilman Gregory Reeves motioned to allow the waiver for a 12-month period. The council vote on the matter was tied. A move by councilman Wendell Holcombe to deny the waiver was also tied, leaving Wilbanks to cast the deciding vote of denial.

Councilman Tim Montgomery voiced his objection, saying, "If a council can be void of compassion, then we have a problem."