The Complete Inspector Lynley Mysteries (NR)

Movie: 4 stars out of 4

Discs: 4 stars out of 4

Of all of the assorted BBC/PBS TV drama series, the "Lynley Mysteries" was the least stuffy and each of its 23 episodes play out more like separate feature films rather than the usual episodic TV format. It's "Law & Order: SVU" meets "CSI" with a touch of Scotland Yard. The success of the production had as much to do with the oil-and-water coupling of the snooty title character (Nathaniel Parker) and his working class partner Sgt. Havers (Sharon Small) as it did with the visceral and labyrinthine crimes they investigated.

Technical specifications:

Aspect ratio: Various formats and ratios, audio: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), subtitles: none.

Special features:

· Interview with creator Elizabeth George

· Downloads from the "Masterpiece Mystery!" Book & Film Club

· Virtual tour of the MYSTERY! studio

· Q&A with Parker and Small

WGBH Boston Video, $199.95.