Meet The Candidates - 2008 General Election For Gwinnett and Barrow Counties

Meet the Candidates

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House of Representative District 7

John Linder

Doug Heckman

Senate District 40

Dan Weber

Martin McConaughy

Senate District 47

Ralph T. Hudgens

Tim Riley

House District 95

Erick Hunt

Toney Collins

House District 96

Keith Shewbert

Pedro Marin

House District 103

David Casas

Allan Burns

House District 104

John Heard

Lee Thompson

House District 106

Melvin Everson

Tony Lentini

Gwinnett School Board District 1

Carole C. Boyce

Megan Kline

Gwinnett School Board District 3

Mary Kay Murphy

Jane Hendrix

Gwinnett School Board District 5

Louise Radloff

Ravindra Kumar

Gwinnett Board of Commissioners - Chairman

Charles E. Bannister

Vincent Passariello

Gwinnett Board of Commissioners District 3

Mike Beaudreau

Earl Hendon

Gwinnett Superior Court Judge

Richard T. Winegarden

Karen E. Beyers

Gwinnett Superior Court Clerk

Tom Lawler

Abby Alaoui

Barrow County Sheriff

Jud Smith

James B. Bonnemer Sr.

Barrow County Chief Magistrate

June Davis

Johnny C. Smith

Barrow County Commissioner District 3

Steve Worley

Bill Healan

City Candidates

Lawrenceville Mayor

Rex Millsaps (Incumbent)

Judy Jordan Johnson

Lawrenceville Council Post 1

Marie Beiser

Richard Johnson

Lawrenceville Council Post 2

Mike Crow (Incumbent)

Mary Thompson

Norcross Council Seat 1

Barry Payne

Ross Kaul

Michelle Crofton

Norcross Council Seat 2

Jan McKinney

Andrew Hixson

Brian Mock

Loganville Council

Mark Kiddoo (incumbent)

Michael Lynch

Kevin Madsen

Pedro Vega

Eileen Waring





House of Representative District 7

Iraq War veteran Doug Heckman takes on Congressman John Linder, who has been in the House since 1992.

Name: John Linder

Party: Republican

Age: 66

Education: Bachelors/Doctorate, University of Minnesota 1964

Occupation: Current member of Congress

Political experience: 32 total years in elected office

Family: wife Lynne; son Matt; daughter Kris; 4 grandchildren

If elected: "My goal for the 111th Congress is to pass, for the third time, my 21st Century Water Commission Act and defend conservative principles that are in jeopardy under this democratic majority."

Name: Doug Heckman

Party: Democrat

Age: 49

Education: Bachelors degree, West Point 1981; MBA, Duke University 1989

Occupation: Financial services; military

Political experience: None

Family: wife Pat; sons Dan, 18, and Tommy, 16; daughter Samantha, 13.

If elected: "I will seek to serve the people of (District 7) by working in the large political center to find solutions to our nation's problems."


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Senate District 40

Dan Weber, who helped form the city of Dunwoody in his two terms in the Senate, is being challenged by a retired teacher who is very involved in the Democratic Party.

Name: Dan Weber

Party: Republican

Age: 52

Education: B.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of Toledo; juris doctorate from the University of Houston

Occupation: Attorney

Political experience: State Senate since 2005.

Family: Wife, Kay; children Marshall, 11, and Kathleen, 8

If elected: As education chair, improve teacher quality, school leadership, academic rigor, and neighborhood control of schools. Develop responsible energy policy to strike balance between low emissions and low cost.

Name: Martin McConaughy

Party: Democrat

Age: 61

Education: Master's degree in math education

Occupation: retired public school math teacher and soccer coach

Political experience: First vice chair DeKalb Democratic Party

Family: widowed, son Jeff, 38, two grandchildren

If elected: I will fully support and strengthen public schools, seek responsible transportation solutions for Atlanta, and minimize unnecessary privatization of public lands like Jekyll Island.


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Senate District 47

Ralph Hudgens is running for his seventh term in the Georgia General Assembly, but he faces competition from Tim Riley, a Democrat from Athens.

Name: Ralph T. Hudgens (i)

Party: Republican

Age: 65

Education: Bachelor's degree in agriculture, University of Florida, 1968

Occupation: Owner, ASAP Waste Disposal Inc., Glenn Company of Athens Inc., Diamond Outdoor Inc. and Hudgens Enterprises Inc.

Political experience: State senator 2002-present; state representative 1996-2002; political appointee in first Bush Administration as state executive director of an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture

Family: Wife Suzanne, children Holly, 44, Morgan, 42, Blair, 41, Robin, 35; 11 grandchildren with one on the way

If elected: "As chairman of the Senate Insurance Committee, I would like to continue the investigation into implementing a solution to covering otherwise uninsurable individuals."

Name: Tim Riley

Party: Democrat


Age: 47

Education: Bachelor's degree in political science, Mercer University; master's degree in community counseling, Georgia State University; doctorate in community counseling, Clark-Atlanta University

Occupation: Alcohol and drug abuse counselor

Political experience: Assistant commissioner, District 6, DeKalb County; Democratic party nominee for state Senate District 40 in 1988

Family: Partnered

If elected: "(I will) work to resore the $1.5 billion cut from education. Hudgens kicked 300,000 children off Peachcare; I will prevent more children being kicked off PeachCare."



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House District 95

Erick Hunt wants to become one of the few black Republicans in the Georgia House, in this race to replace Robert Mumford, a former Rockdale district attorney who decided against seeking reelection.

Name: Erick Hunt

Party: Republican


Age: 54

Education: B.S. in marketing from Hampton University

Occupation: marketing planningand business development

Political experience: Former GOP delegate to state conventions

Family: Wife Valerie; son, Osaze' 14.

If elected: I will hold regular constituent feedback forums; fight for more transportation options, academic improvements and public safety through better law enforcement partnerships.

Name: Toney Collins

Party: Democrat



Age: 42

Education: Computer engineering degree from Temple Technical Institute

Occupation: Computer engineer

Political experience: Elected as Post 1 captain for Rockdale Democratic Party; ran for state Senate in 2006

Family: single

If elected: Did not reply.




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House District 96

Pedro Marin is one of the few Democrat incumbents in Gwinnett, but can he survive a challenge from Keith Shewbert, a Norcross councilman who has worked hard at revitalization, even buying the local coffee shop to keep it from closing?

Name: Keith Shewbert

Party: Republican

Age: 49

Education: B.S. in computer science, MBA

Occupation: Small Business Owner

Political experience: Norcross City Council, Gwinnett Village CID board

Family: wife Jeanette

If elected: Bring new ideas, and represent all the citizens of the 96th district, to achieve our goals of neighborhood revitalization, economic redevelopment, and higher quality schools.

Name: Pedro "Pete" Marin

Party: Democrat


Age: 50

Education: some college

Occupation: Business Consultant

Political experience: three term member of the Georgia House of Representatives

Family: Wife Nereida; son Joel, 24

If elected: I will continue to provide Gwinnett County and Georgia experienced leadership as well as support policies capable of improving our collective quality of life.




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House District 103

Two years ago, Allan Burns tried to best Congressman John Linder. This time around, he's going for the Georgia House, challenging one of the first Hispanics elected to the General Assembly.

Name: David Casas

Party: Republican

Age: 37

Education: B.A. in history from Georgia State University

Occupation: Teacher

Political experience: Three terms in the Georgia House of Representatives

Family: Wife Ann; Children Ellie, 5, and Jonathan, 3

If elected: I plan to continue my work in bringing true reform to Georgia's public education, finding common-sense solutions to our traffic problems and protecting the homestead tax credit.

Name: Allan Burns

Party: Democrat

Age: 58

Education: B.S. in urban government from Georgia State University

Occupation: General contractor in commercial construction

Political experience: 2006 candidate for U.S. Congress, 7th District

Family: Wife Beverly; Children Matthew, 37, Matt, 34, Amy, 34, Megan, 32, Abbey, 30, and Daniell, 28; two grandchildren

If elected: Return fiscal stability to Georgia's budget and improve our quality of life through public education, reduced traffic congestion and jobs for Georgians in energy technologies.



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House District 104

For years, Lee Thompson has worked behind the scenes in government, serving as a lawyer for the cities of Duluth, Sugar Hill and Grayson. Can he come to the forefront in a challenge to John Heard, who was credited with brokering the deal that allowed the county to discharge wastewater into Lake Lanier?

Name: John Heard

Party: Republican


Age: 54

Education: bachelor's of architecture

Occupation: architect

Political experience: six years as a Georgia House representative

Family: wife Debbie; daughters Jill, 26, and Leigh, 14

If elected: Improve traffic by getting the bridges in place at Ga. 20 over 316 and Collins Hill Road over 316; advance education funding for Ga Gwinnett College and Gwinnett Tech.

Name: Lee Thompson

Party: Democrat


Age: 52

Education: B.A. from Mercer University, Juris doctorate frin University of Georgia School of Law

Occupation: Attorney

Political experience: None

Family: Wife Connie Pusen Thompson; Daughter Rebecca, 10

If elected: I would put public service above partisan politics, work to make public education our top priority and help develop realistic solutions for our transportation problems.

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House District 106

This is a rematch of the 2006 race, where challenger Tony Lentini only took 33 percent of the vote.

Name: Melvin Everson

Party: Republican

Age: 51

Education: B.S. in criminology from Albany State University, graduate of John Reid School of Interrogations and Interview and Paul D. Coverdale Leadership Institute.

Occupation: Minister/State Legislator

Political experience: Georgia state legislator for four years, Snellville City Council for four years, five years on Snellville Planning Zoning Board (Snellville), member of the Gwinnett County School Board Advisory Counsel and Gwinnett County Human Relations Board

Family: Wife Gerri, son Ricardo

If elected: I will continue my ongoing work in improving life in District 106. We have created many positive changes; now it's time to finish the job.

Name: Tony Lentini

Party: Democrat

Age: 43

Occupation: Premise Sales Collector AT&T Advertising

Education: B.B.A. from Oglethorpe University M.S. from Georgia State University

Politcal Experience: Ran for House District 106 in 2006;previously worked on campaigns of Pierre Howard and Zell Miller.

Family: Wife Patrica; Twins Frank and Brian, 12

If elected: Work to restore full funding to schools, develop regional transportation solutions and alternative fuels, protect quality of life in our neighborhoods, recruit quality employers.

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Gwinnett School Board District 1

Former teacher Carole Boyce is seeking her second term on the scool board, but she has to defeat disability advocate and Dacula High grad Megan Kline.

Name: Carole C. Boyce

Party: Republican


Age: 58

Education: Master's in middle grades education from Georgia State University, bachelor's in English and elementary education from Furman University, bachelor's in interior design from American College for the Applied Arts

Occupation: Public relations

Political Experience: Four years on the Gwinnett County Board of Education

Family: Husband Peter; children Timothy, 30, Brandon, 29, Geoffrey, 27, Thomas, 23, John Robert, 22, and Olivia, 18

If elected: All students deserve to reach their highest learning potential. I will ensure all resources are used optimally to support GCPS initiatives for improving student achievement.

Name: Megan Kline

Party: Democrat



Age: 26

Education: Attended Oxford College of Emory University; graduated from Dacula High in 1998

Occupation: Disability advocate and writer

Political experience: 2008 Democratic National Convention delegate

Family: single

If elected: Ensure a quality education for every child; eliminate unnecessary standardized testing; foster open communication between school board and community; improve working conditions for employees .


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Gwinnett School Board District 3

Jane Hendrix, the director of the Dunwoody School for the Arts, wants to bring change to the school board, taking on 12-year incumbent Mary Kay Murphy.

Name: Mary Kay Murphy

Party: Republican

Age: 71

Education: Ph.D. in education administration from Georgia State University, master's in English education from Emory University

Occupation: Associate vice president for institutional advancement at Morehouse School of Medicine

Political experience: 12 years on the Gwinnett County Board of Education

Family: Husband Michael; adult children Holly, Emily and Patricia

If elected: Continue to serve all children; support teachers, staff, principals and parents; address constituent concerns; provide needed changes in curriculum and testing; represent district with pride and respect

Name: Jane Hendrix

Party: Democrat

Age: 56

Education: Master's of music from Winthrop University, bachelor of music In vocal performance from Converse College

Occupation: Director of Dunwoody School for the Arts, voice instructor, Kindermusik educator

Political experience: None

Family: Son Travis Griffin, 24

If elected: I would like to bring more accountability and transparency to the school board by addressing the concerns brought by the parents, teachers and GCPS employees.



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Gwinnett School Board District 5

Louise Radloff has become a legend in Gwinnett politics. She was the first Republican elected to office 36 years ago, but now Ravindra Kumar wants to break the GOP strong-hold on the Board of Education.

Name: Louise Radloff

Party: Republican

Age: 72

Education: Loretto Abbey College - Shaw's Business Institute (business)

Occupation: Executive director of a nonprofit organization

Political experience: 36 years on the Gwinnett County Board of Education

Family: Husband Richard; three children; four grandchildren

If elected: Close the achievement gap; help all students excel; reduce the dropout rate; maintain the triple-A bond rating; recruit and retain teachers; bring accountability and commitment.

Name: Ravindra Kumar

Party: Democrat

Age: 47

Education: Ph.D. in biochemistry; master's in chemistry; master's in medical biochemistry

Occupation: Research and teaching undergraduate, graduate and medical students at Morehouse School of Medicine

Political experience: None

Family: Wife Mina; children Ritesh, 17, and Saket, 16

If elected: Increase safety for our children, increase after-school programs, freedom in classroom teaching and appreciate the bus driver’s role in safely transporting children.


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Gwinnett Board of Commissioners - Chairman

Vincent Passariello, an engineer and Coast Guard Auxilliary pilot, is trying to best Charles Bannister, who served as mayor of Lilburn and nearly two decades in the Georgia General Assember, before being elected chairman four years ago.

Name: Charles E. Bannister

Party: Republican

Age: 69

Education: some college

Occupation: Retired business owner; County Commission Chairman

Political experience: six years on Lilburn City Council, four years as Lilburn Mayor, 18 years as state representative, four years as Chairman

Family: Wife Glenda, three children and seven grandchildren

If elected: Will continue to focus on enhancing public safety, creating jobs, a plan to lower property taxes and continue to reduce traffic congestion.

Name: Vincent Passariello

Party: Democrat

Age: 58

Education: Masters in Engineering and MBA

Occupation: assistant county engineer for Newton County

Political Experience: Ran for county commissioner in Miami in the early 90's

Family: Wife Irais, children Aileen 28, Catherine 26, Daniel 20

If Elected: 1. Control Spending to be able to continue essential services. 2. Not increase taxes. 3. Utilize Chamber of Commerce to evaluate how to help businesses survive and prosper.



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Gwinnett Board of Commissioners District 3

Four years after political unknown Mike Beaudreau won the four-man primary for District 3's commission seat, he faces another political newcomer, Earl Hendon.

Name: Mike Beaudreau

Party: Republican


Age: 33

Education: Graduate of Clemson University, additional studies at Georgetown University.

Occupation: Sales

Political experience: Gwinnett County District 3 Commissioner

Family: wife Tegwen

If elected: I will do my best to represent the voters, focusing on the key county responsibilities of public safety, transportation, parks and recreation and growth management.

Name: Earl Hendon

Party: Democrat


Age: 47

Education: some college

Occupation: Manufacturing Coordinator

Political experience: Fund-raising for Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke

Family: Wife Veronica; Stepson, Rayshawn 26; Children Sean 16, Kyle 16, Ryan,14, Mia 13; and one grandson

If elected: I will represent everyone in Gwinnett County, Republicans, Democrats and Independents. My objective will be to work close with communities and businesses in Gwinnett County.



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Gwinnett Superior Court Judge

It's uncommon for a sitting judge to be contested in an election, but Karen Beyers is taking on Richard Winegarden, who has spent 20 years on the bench.

Name: Richard T. Winegarden

Age: 59

Education: Graduate of University of Michigan, National Judicial College; law degree, Wayne State University School of Law

Occupation: current Superior Court Judge

Political experience: elected State Court Judge, 1983, 1986; Superior Court Judge since 1987

Family: married with three children; two grandchildren

If elected: "I'll continue my work as a fair judge and Gwinnett County's toughest sentencer. I will treat criminals like criminals. I will continue to maintain the integrity and dignity of my office."

Name: Karen E. Beyers

Age: 46

Education: bachelors degree, Boston University; masters of business administration, Georgia State University; law degree, University of Georgia

Occupation: Private practice attorney

Political experience: none

Family: two sons, Sean, 20, and Christopher, 19; daughter, Meagan, 17

If elected: "I'll keep my community safe from criminals, clean up the existing backlog of unresolved family law cases, and implement a calendar system that ensures that criminal and civil matters are resolved promptly and fairly."

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Gwinnett Superior Court Clerk

Tom Lawler spent eight years as district attorney before taking over the court clerk's office nearly 12 years ago. But he has competition from Democrat Abby Alaoui for his fourth term.

Name: Tom Lawler

Party: Republican

Age: 60

Education: law degree, John Marshall Law School

Occupation: Gwinnett Superior Court Clerk since 1997

Political experience: Gwinnett District Attorney 1984-92; Superior Court Clerk since 1997

Family: wife, Trish; son, Mike

If elected: "It would allow myself and my staff to finish our case management system, that we've been working on for several years. And remodel our (office) area to make it more efficient for the public. I would like to finish those two projects."


Name: Abby Alaoui

Party: Democrat

Age: 48

Education: bachelors in engineering, Southwestern University (Texas)

Occupation: hospitality industry/consultant

Political experience: none

Family: three sons, Omar, 13, Zackary, 7, and Chad, 6.

If elected: "My leadership will bring a strong sense of accountability, transparency and efficiency. I'll do more with less. I'll listen and welcome all ideas from all viewpoints to ensure solutions that will guarantee a positive and hassle-free experience to all the citizens of Gwinnett."

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Judy Jordan Johnson's father was a legendary mayor of Lawrenceville, and she wants to follow in his footsteps. So the retired teacher has challenged incumbent Rex Millsaps.

Name: Rex Millsaps (Incumbent)

Age: 57

Education: 1969 Central Gwinnett High School, 1977 Georgia State University, Atlanta BBA Accounting

Occupation: Certified Public Accountant

Political Experience: Mayor of Lawrenceville since 2006, Georgia House of Representatives 1983 & 1984, Former Chairman of Gwinnett County Merit System Board, Former member Gwinnett County Board of Elections, Former Member Lawrenceville Planning and Zoning Board

Family: Wife Shelia Wages Millsaps, Children Andy, Chad & Kristina, Melissa & Tieg Reeder, and Karla, 6 grandchildren

If Elected: If re-elected I would like to continue the progress we have made toward opening the additional wells needed to supply our water needs.

Name: Judy Jordan Johnson


Age: 56

Education: 1970 Central Gwinnett High School, 1972 Associate's Degree Young Harris College, 1974 BA from Lagrange College, 1976 Masters of Arts in Teaching from State University of New York - Binghampton, 2001 Specialists Degree University of Sarasota, 2003 Doctoral of Education in Curriculum and Instruction - Argosy University

Occupation: Retired educator

Political Experience: Six years on the Lawrenceville City Council

Family: Husband Allan, Two Step Children - Melissa and Becky, 1 grandchild

If Elected: I'll get our quality of life unit back to where it was last year and will try to eliminate substandard rental properties thereby helping our school system.


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Long-time Planning and Zoning Board member Richard Johnson faces Marie Beiser in the race to replace Jordan Johnson on the City Council.

Name: Marie Beiser

Age: 69

Education: BA Lagrange College, Masters of Education - University of Georgia. Education Specialist degree - University of Georgia

Occupation: retired educator

Political Experience: none

Family: Husband Robert and two step children - Cenci Suber and Bobby Beiser

If Elected: I advocate the preservation of our neighborhoods by supporting the Quality of Life Unit, improving our Gateways to Historic Lawrenceville, and promoting the Downtown Square.

Name: Richard Johnson

Age: 55

Education: Some college

Occupation: Owner Executive Valet Dry Cleaner's

Political Experience: 20 years on the Lawrenceville Planning and Zoning Board, Chairman since 2001.

Family: Single

If Elected: I'll work with organizations to improve the quality of life in our city so that it's an even more enjoyable place to live, work and play.


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Mike Crow is seeking another term, challenged by Mary Thompson.

Name: Mike Crow (Incumbent)

Age: 54

Education: University of Georgia Graduate 1978 BBA Business Management

Occupation: Property Management / General Contractor

Political Experience: Lawrenceville City Council 1991-92 & 2007-08

Family: Wife: Laine, children Courtney (27) her husband Krofton ( 27), Michael (25) and Ansley (16).

If Elected: Continue strong support of the quality of life task force, push the council to take quicker action on problems and streamline ordinance changes. Protect the citizens.

Name: Mary Thompson


Age: 47

Education: Associate of Science

Occupation: First United Methodist Church preschool program

Political Experience: served on the City of Lawrenceville's Planning and Zoning commission, Architectural Review Board and the 2030 Comprehensive Plan board

Family: husband: Bob, children: Michael (18) and Leah (10)

If Elected: I will work diligently to make our city a thriving, beautiful and successful city. A city that we're proud to call home.

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Voters can choose three of the five candidates - which include only one incumbent and a former council member - for City Council.

Name: Mark Kiddoo (incumbent)

Age: 45

Education: Bachelors degree in Management, MBA in International Business, graduate of the Community Planning Academy

Occupation: Home School Educator

Political Experience: Loganville Planning Commission and for the last 4 years a member of the Loganville City Council

Family: Wife Susan, children Kimberly, 10, and Derek, 8

If Elected: Work toward eliminate the tax inequities within our cities, complete the sewage treatment plant expansion, and continue responsible fiscal government without a reduction in services.

Name: Michael Lynch

Age: 36

Education: B.A. in Psychology from State University of West Georgia

Occupation: Strategic Account Manager, Armstrong World Industries

Political Experience: None

Family: Wife Michelle, three children Andrea, 7 Alexandra, 5 and Conrad, 3

If Elected: I will increase the number of quality businesses within the city limits using an intergovernmental approach. This will alleviate the tax burden on our citizens.

Name: Kevin Madsen

Age: 36

Education: Mercer University in Macon, GA

Occupation: Network and Database Administrator, The HoneyBaked Ham Company

Political Experience: none

Family: Wife, Melissa Madsen, Children, August, 6, Julia Anne, 2, and Olivia, newborn

If Elected: I will work to improve communication and citizen involvement with the city by drastically increasing the city's online presence including making meetings available online.

Name: Pedro Vega

Age: 46

Education: Associate degree in Science DeKalb Community College; B.A.- Business Administration from Georgia State University, Masters of Science in Education from Waldon University.

Occupation: Law Enforcement Officer with the Gwinnett County School Police

Political Experience: None

Family: Daughter Lauren, 4

If Elected: I'd like to focus on infrastructure, public safety and make sure our growth is positive so we can provide adequate services to our residents.

Name: Eileen Waring

Age: 60

Education: Attended Wesley College, Dover, DE; DeKalb College, Georgia Tech., University of Georgia

Occupation: Retired Chief Financial Officer presently managing the office administration of Walton County Sheriffs West Side precinct in Loganville

Political Experience: Loganville City Council 2003-04

Family: Daughter and Son-In-Law Christina and Andrew Norman; 1 grandchild

If Elected: I'll ensure that the city remains solvent without over taxing and will increase term limits to four years from two years.


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Barry Payne attempts to return to the City Council, where he served for 16 years, in this race to replace Jeff Allen.

Name: Barry Payne

Age: 66

Education: High School

Occupation: Project Manager

Political Experience: 16 years on the Norcross City Council

Family: Wife Cathy and children Bair Dess, Judy Walker, Denise Payne,

If Elected: Get spending under control and cut the millage rate

Name: Ross Kaul

Age: 60

Education: NCTC Marketing Degree

Occupation: President of Steel Provisions, Inc.

Political Experience: Committee chair / committee volunteer

Family: Wife Michelle, seven children, 11 grandchildren

If Elected: I'll monitor our expense budget integrity while working for innovation and efficiency in the public's business while continuing to improve our city's delivery of core services.

Name: Michelle Crofton

Age: 40

Education: B.S. degree in Business Management from Auburn University; B.A. degree in Hospitality Administration from Georgia State University

Occupation: Stay-at-home mom; retired event planner

Political Experience: None

Family: Husband: Peter; 2 sets of twin daughters Anna & Katie (9-years-old);

Madeline & Gracie (3-year-old)

If Elected: I will be a good steward through responsible spending, common sense government, reducing the role of city government in our everyday lives and maintaining Norcross' charm.

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Norcross Council Seat 2

In the race to replace Keith Shewbert, who is seeking a House seat, a municipal court judge, a banker and a hotel operator square off.

Name: Jan McKinney

Age: 58

Education: Columbia Southern School of Law, 1979

Occupation: Managing Attorney, Sliz/McKinney & Drake Law Firm, Judge Berkeley Lake Municipal Court

Political Experience: Former Magistrate Judge, Gwinnett County

Family: Dale McKinney

If Elected: Spend smarter to maximize city services, prioritize police protection and customer service, revisit stormwater issues, protect taxpayers from costs that should be borne by developers.

Name: Andrew Hixson

Age: 28

Education: Collins Hill High School, University of West Georgia

Occupation: Banking

Political Experience: Norcross Technology Advisory Board, Norcross LCI Steering Committee Member, Norcross Business Association Board, Norcross DDA Design and Economic Development Committee Member, Summerour Middle School Council

Family: Single (Parents Ken and Betsy Hixson of Norcross, Brother Ian Hixson of Fort Lauerdale)

If Elected: I'll provide thoughtful progressive leadership, maintain Norcross' positive momentum and ensure quality of life for everyone. With my background, I'll increase business opportunities while also increasing government efficiency.

Name: Brian Mock

Age: 39

Education: The Educational Institute, Columbus State University, Armstrong Atlantic State University

Occupation: Businessman, Hotel Operator

Political Experience: None

Family: Single

If Elected: I will tackle the new storm water fee, get spending under control in order to cut the millage rate and bring hospitality to city hall.

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Barrow County Sheriff

A senior deputy with the county sheriff's office and a Winder police officer are vying to fill the slot left behind when Sheriff Joel Robinson decided not to seek reelection after 20 years.

Name: Jud Smith

Party: Republican

Age: 32

Education: Graduated from Winder Barrow High School, 1994; bachelor of science in criminal justice, Columbus State University, 1998; Northeast Georgia Police Academy, 1999; master's degree in public administration, Columbus State University, 2006

Occupation: City of Winder police officer

Political experience: None

Family: Wife Stephanie, son Conyer, 3, and daughter Addison, 6 months

If elected: Intends to seek state certification, implement an open door policy as sheriff, curb unnecessary spending and work with city agencies to combine resources.

Name: James B. Bonnemer Sr.

Party: Democrat

Age: 63

Education: Graduate of Northeast Georgia Police Academy, 1997

Occupation: Senior deputy with Barrow County Sheriff's Office

Political experience: None

Family: Wife Phyllis; adult children, Sherry Densmore, Jimmy, Melissa

Bonnemer and Valerie Turk; eight grandchildren

If elected: "If elected, I want the citizens of Barrow County to know they will receive quality law enforcement service that will be delivered professionally and ethically."


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Barrow County Chief Magistrate

Former county commissioner Johnny C. Smith is challenging incumbent Chief Magistrate June Davis.

Name: June Davis (i)

Party: Republican

Age: 54

Education: Graduated from Winder-Barrow High School; associate degree in criminal justice technology, Gwinnett Technical College, 1997; continuing education classes in judicial education, University of Georgia

Occupation: Chief magistrate for Barrow County

Political experience: Chief magistrate for 8 years

Family: Adult children, daughter Misty, son Shimen, granddaughter, Elora

If elected: Plans to ensure fair and equal treatment for citizens, conserve tax dollars and stay at or under budget.

Name: Johnny C. Smith

Party: Democrat

Age: 70

Education: Bachelor's degree in history and government, Columbia College, Missouri, 1982

Occupation: Retired chief warrant officer, U.S. Army

Political experience: Served 12 years on Barrow County Board of Commissioners

Family: Wife of 44 years, former Lizzie Mayweather, daughter Beverly, son-in-law, Sam Morgan, son Daryl, daughter-in law Anita, grandchildren Marcus, 26, Cherie, 14, Amber, 6, Tyler, 5

If elected: Plans to correct current budget issues and provide accountability in spending.


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Barrow County Commissioner District 3

Bill Healan, the only Democrat on the board, seeks his first full term as a county commissioner, after winning the job during a special election.

Name: Steve Worley

Party: Republican

Age: 46

Education: Graduate of Victory Christian Academy

Occupation: Public works director, city of Monroe

Political experience: None

Family: (name of spouse, name and ages of children, number of grandchildren) Wife Susan; children Heath, 22, Rene, 18 and Ethan, 18

If elected: Plans to improve communication and cooperation with citizens, municipalities, GA DOT and other state agencies; plans to promote smart growth, better roads and transportation alternatives.

Name: Bill Healan (i)

Party: Democrat

Age: 63

Education: Bachelor's degree in economics, University of Georgia, 1970; juris doctor, University of Georgia Law School, 1976

Occupation: Attorney

Political experience: County attorney for Barrow from 1988-1994; ran for state Senate in 2004; Barrow County commissioner since 2007

Family: Wife of 40 years, Pat; four adult children, sons Billy and Mike and daughters Cindy and Erin; grandchildren Lily, 5, Sydney, 3, and Millie, 2, and two due in March

If elected: Wants to create even more open government, manage county's financial affairs responsibly, make county budget a flexible document.

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