Iraq outlines changes it wants in pact with US

BAGHDAD - Iraq wants a security agreement with the U.S. to include a clear ban on U.S. troops using Iraqi territory to attack Iraq's neighbors, the government spokesman said Wednesday, three days after a dramatic U.S. raid on Syria.

Also Wednesday, the country's most influential Shiite cleric expressed concerned that Iraqi sovereignty be protected in the pact. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani wields vast influence among the Shiite majority and his explicit opposition could scuttle the deal.

At least 170 dead as quake hits Pakistan

WAM, Pakistan - Desperate villagers clawed through piles of mud and timber looking for victims of an earthquake that collapsed thousands of homes in southwestern Pakistan before dawn Wednesday, killing at least 170 people.

Army planes began flying in tents, medical supplies and blankets to the quake zone in Baluchistan province, but some 15,000 homeless people in the impoverished region faced a night in the open in near freezing temperatures following the 6.4-magnitude jolt.

Canadian man convicted in plot to bomb British targets

TORONTO - A Canadian accused of plotting with a group of British Muslims to bomb buildings and natural gas lines in the United Kingdom was convicted Wednesday of financing and facilitating terrorism.

Momim Khawaja was the first person charged under Canadian anti-terrorism laws passed after the Sept. 11 attack on the U.S. His case is considered to be the first major test of those laws.

Afghanistan troop buildup could more than double

WASHINGTON - Military planners now think they may need to send more than double the number of extra troops initially believed needed to help fight the war in Afghanistan.

The buildup in the increasingly violent campaign could amount to more than 20,000 troops rather than the originally planned 10,000, two senior defense officials said Wednesday on condition of anonymity because no new figures have been approved.

- From wire reports