Sunnis suspend contact with US

BAGHDAD - Iraq's largest Sunni party said Saturday it has suspended 'all official contacts' with American military personnel and civilians after the killing of a man near Fallujah.

The Iraqi Islamic Party said in a statement that U.S. and Iraqi soldiers killed a senior member of the party in his bed and arrested five others during a raid the day before. It said the raid had 'hidden political goals' after the party forged tribal alliances with other political blocs.

A U.S. military statement said Iraqi soldiers arrested a wanted insurgent in an operation that killed an armed man.

British confirm 2 killed in Kabul

LONDON - The British Foreign Office said a Briton and a South African were killed in Afghanistan.

The two victims worked with the DHL shipping company in the Afghan capital and were killed Saturday outside the office there. The motive for the killings has not been established.

The Taliban militia has denied any role in the killings. The militia earlier this week took responsibility for the slaying of a Christian aid worker.

Protests greet Chinese envoy in Taiwan

TAIPEI, Taiwan - Tens of thousands of opposition supporters marched through Taiwan's capital Saturday to protest an upcoming visit by a senior Chinese envoy, saying the trip was part of Chinese efforts to assert control over the self-ruled island.

The protesters, many wearing T-shirts bearing the slogan 'Defend Taiwan,' also accused Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou of making too many concessions and moving too fast in relaxing restrictions on trade and investment with China.

'The government has not done enough to protect our own interests when opening up to China,' said protester Karin Hsieh.

Train stations bombed in Basque region

MADRID, Spain - The Interior Ministry said two train stations in the northern Basque region were attacked with small explosive devices, causing some damage but no injuries.

A bomb made from a mixture of explosives detonated Saturday at 12:30 a.m. local time. It exploded in the ticket hall of the station in Berriz, causing its ceiling to collapse, a regional ministry spokesman said.