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City of Suwanee to select residents to complete survey

SUWANEE - To measure opinions on quality of life and quality and service delivery, the city of Suwanee will ask 1,200 randomly selected residents to complete a 35 question National Citizen Survey.

During the first week of November, the selected households will receive mailed notification that they've been chosen to participate in the survey conducted by the National Research Center. The survey itself will arrive about a week later, with instructions that the adult in the household with the most recent birthday should complete the survey.

"The best way to measure how the city is performing is by conducting a comprehensive, scientific survey of citizen satisfaction levels," said Amie Sakmar, financial services director.

All survey responses will be anonymous. The data collected will be tabulated and analyzed by an independent group, the National Research Center, with a final report scheduled to be presented to the city early next year.

"In order to continue providing excellent customer service, we need to have accurate information from our residents about how we're doing and how we can improve," Sakmar said. "This data will help us determine future priorities, set new goals and ensure that we continue to exceed the expectations of our citizens."

According to the National Research Center, the National Citizen Survey is a tool designed to further public trust and confidence in local government and improve management of local government services. Suwanee's results will be compared with national norms established by NRC's database of results from citizen surveys conducted with more than 400 U.S. jurisdictions.