Chest X-rays for TB at school ongoing

NORCROSS - Seventeen of the 25 students and staff members at Meadowcreek High whose skin tests were positive for exposure to tuberculosis have completed chest X-rays, a public health official said.

None of the 25 people who tested positive earlier this month showed signs or symptoms of having the airborne disease, school officials said at the time. A positive reaction to the skin test, which involves injecting a small amount of tuberculin purified protein derivative just under the skin, indicates a person has been exposed to tuberculosis sometime in his or her lifetime.

Everyone who had a positive reaction to the skin test but no indication of TB will be offered medication for a latent infection, said Vernon Goins, spokesman for the Gwinnett County Health Department.

The 11th-grade student with the original suspected case of TB is recovering at home under a physician's care, Goins said. Additional confirmatory testing is still underway to determine if he is infected with the disease.