Lawrenceville gets loan for wells

LAWRENCEVILLE - Gwinnett's county seat received an $8 million loan to complete its well project.

The loan was recently approved by the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority, so the city can continue its project to construct 10 wells to produce drinking water for the city, as well as a water treatment facility. The city of Lawrenceville will pay a 4.27 percent interest rate on the 20-year loan.

"Infrastructure improvements increase quality of life for Georgia citizens, and they help cities and counties create jobs and promote economic development," Gov. Sonny Perdue said in announcing the loan. "I'm pleased this investment is being made in water system infrastructure."

Chris Clark, the authority's executive director, thanked Perdue, Sens. Don Balfour and Renee Unterman and Reps. Mike Coan and John Heard, both of Lawrenceville, for their support.

"The Georgia Fund loan program is a tangible commitment by Gov. Perdue and the General Assembly to assist local governments across the state with their efforts to provide clean water and sewer improvements," Clark said. "(Heard) understands the importance of water supply infrastructure and the benefits it will have for the city of Lawrenceville."