Iran forces down Hungarian flight

TEHRAN, Iran - Iran forced an aircraft carrying Hungarian military officials to land in a mix-up over whether it had permission to enter its airspace, Hungary's Defense Ministry said Tuesday. The plane was later allowed to continue to Afghanistan.

The ministry said the airplane, carrying a four-member Hungarian military delegation, had permission to fly over Iran, but that because of an 'administrative error,' characters in the craft's call signal were changed around and Iranian authorities did not recognize it.

It said the plane landed in Tehran. 'After clearing up the problem, the airplane was able to continue its journey to Afghanistan,' the ministry said in a statement released in Budapest. It said the incident took place on Sept. 30.

The military personnel were part of a Hungarian team that took over direction of Kabul's international airport this month, it said.

Tropical Storm Marco hits Mexico

VERACRUZ, Mexico - Tropical Storm Marco roared ashore on Mexico's Gulf coast with near-hurricane force winds on Tuesday, prompting a shutdown of some oil platforms.

The storm flooded coastal highways and brought heavy rains to the city of Veracruz, but the busy port appeared to have escaped most of the storm's wrath.

Veracruz state authorities closed schools and set up some 200 shelters. Soldiers and rescue officials lined up buses and prepared to evacuate communities, some in low-lying areas still trying to recover from heavy flooding caused by rains last week.

Mexico's state oil company said it had evacuated 33 workers from four offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, closed six wells and shut down a natural gas processing plant in Veracruz state ahead of Marco's arrival.

Afghan refugees flee Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Afghan refugees ordered out of a Pakistani war zone begged Tuesday for bus fares and flowed over the border into their homeland, worsening a humanitarian crisis resulting from an army offensive against Taliban militants, officials said.

Pakistan has told 50,000 Afghans to leave the Bajur tribal region, accusing them of links to militants that used the remote and impoverished area as a base for attacks on both sides of the frontier.

U.S. officials concerned about the escalating insurgency in Afghanistan have praised the military operation in a region that has been touted as a possible hiding place for al-Qaida chief Osama bin Laden.

Vietnam finds tainted milk

HANOI, Vietnam - Melamine contamination has been found in 23 milk products imported into Vietnam from China, officials said Tuesday, intensifying consumer worries about tainted milk products.

Five more products tested positive for the industrial chemical, which is usually used in making plastics and fertilizers. So far authorities have found 23 contaminated products after testing 400 samples of milk and milk products, Vietnam's vice minister of health Cao Minh Quang said.