Barrow residents encouraged to (wisely) burn

WINDER - The quickest way to alleviate yard clutter is to incinerate it. What's autumn anyway without the smoky ambiance of burning leaves?

But fire officials in Barrow County warn residents there's a right and wrong way to go about it. Pyromaniacs need not apply.

Leaders with the Barrow County Fire Department recently announced the statewide outdoor burn ban was lifted Wednesday. Before you go scorching limbs, leaves and other debris, however, you'll need to get your hands on a Georgia Forestry burn permit and a list of regulations.

"While we want citizens to be able to burn their yard debris, we also want them to do it safely," Fire Department spokesman Lt. Scott Dakin said.

A permit allows residents to burn only yard debris, such as leaves, small limbs and grass clippings, Dakin said. Fires must be supervised at all times, with an easily accessible water source nearby.

Infractors could be punished.

"Fire can quickly get out of control," Dakin said. "We want citizens to be safe and follow regulations."

To review the burning regulations, or to obtain a permit, visit the Georgia Forestry Web site at www.gatrees.org or call 877-652-2876.